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We know you want to see what others say about the training we provide, after all, it’s the words of your peers that will help you decide whether The Method is the right company to help you.

We have a number of video testimonials which explain exactly what you can expect from a training session. Also, we have large number of written testimonials from clients that we want to share with you. So have a browse, read the kind words and watch the videos from our clients. See if you think you would like to experience training from us at the Method.

Here’s just a few of the lovely words and videos from our clients…

Simply brilliant. A revelation. I wish the programme had been available when I started my career.

- Tracy Bessant, Lloyds Banking Group

Incredible & unique learning experience - unlike any other training I've attended. Thoroughly enjoyed! Recommend extending out to our Junior talent - this programme is a MUST in developing our professional skill set across the firm.

- Erinn Kayne, Vice President

"I really enjoy learning and refining my existing capabilities. To this end, a senior executive of a FTSE100 company recommended that I tried The Method to focus on enhancing my presentation skills. The one-to-one sessions were interactive and helped me refine three things: engaging an audience, selling my vision and the art of actively listening. I use the skills I developed from The Method on a daily basis, and ensure that I use the right behaviours at the right time to communicate effectively. There were several areas where I required improvement. Maria was able to refine my ability to use my voice to dynamise messages, and expertly manage questions when I may not immediately know the answers. In fact, I was so impressed that as a firm we have engaged The Method to coach the entire team."  

- Royden Greaves, Director, JH Flemmings

- The Method Training - Building Trust and Rapport

- The Method Training - Maximising you Personal Impact

Really enjoyable course, the positive confirmation that it’s OK to push the boundaries is really useful

- Adam Burton, Online Programme Manager, Sainsbury's

- Sales & Customer Service video

Participants always love the approach, whether they are graduates or senior managers. The system is simple but the results are amazing - I fully endorse them as a trusted training partner and strongly recommend them if you want a training programme that genuinely improves performance. Kirsten Baynham, Development Consultant, Zurich.

- Kirsten Baynham, Development Consultant, Zurich

Very insightful and useful. Will help me better succeed in the workplace. Annabel Parkinson, Walgreen Boots

- Annabel Parkinson, Walgreen Boots

Thought provoking and energising. Change 'is' possible.

- AstraZeneca

- The Method Training - Impact & Influence

So far this was one of the best programmes I have participated. Sky is always the limit, however you guys really do an awesome job, please keep it up! Brand performance support manager, Hilton Hotels

- Brand performance support manager, Hilton Hotels

The results spoke for themselves. Increased lead taking, better representation of our brand and service values and a tool kit of skills that those trained are now actively using in many other areas of their work.

- Brant Eckert, Senior Marketing Manager, Christie Digital

Good experience in reaffirming who we are as individuals and being mindful of behavior in different situations.

- Karen Linsley, Senior Partnership Development Manager

Excellent experience, some good "tag" lines like "extra daily" etc. and networking element was extremely useful. Carolyn Folley, Head of Quality Submission Programme.

- Carolyn Folley, Head of Quality Submission Programme

- The Method Training - Create Engaging Presentation

Role play was very useful - but uncomfortable to do. Great to see how people react, how you yourself react and how applying the 1st law can help you. Alison Warbey, Group Tax Manager

- Alison Warbey, Group Tax Manager

I hadn't appreciated that changing the way I stand to present to a group could have such a big impact, not that the way I was standing was potentially affecting the impact of my presentation. Vicki Foster, Head of Business Change.

- Vicki Foster, Head of Business Change

- The Method Training - The Creative & Engaging Presenter

- The Method Training - Impact and Influence

- The Method Training - Maximising Personal Impact

- The Method Training - Ok for Social Media workshop

- Mel Brodie, Editor-in-Chief, Reach plc

- Rachael Sugden, Senior Editor, Reach plc

- Caroline Waterston, Editor-in-Chief, Reach plc

- Alex Douglas-Mann, Senior SEO Director, iCrossing UK

- Jack Petchey, Account Director, iCrossing UK

- Imogen Hartley, Marketing Executive, Reach plc

- Ed, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

- Sandra Francis, Helpline Supervisor, Link Asset

- Stefan Dupey-Whyte, Data Analyst, HSBC UK