Have Fantastic Impact in Virtual Meetings

Actors are masters of communication.

We apply secret acting techniques that drive powerful and impactful radio and film performance to remote working meetings – teaching your people how to CONSISTENTLY engage, energise and inspire a, once removed, watching audience.


Price: £250.00 (+ VAT) per head  Delivered: Virtual Programme 

In today’s commercial environment we are all having to learn, very quickly, how to communicate with impact in remote working situations. This virtual programme provides secret skills and tools that enable participants to instantly project charisma & energy to engage colleagues and engender a positive team spirit in any “camera on” remote meeting.

 Programme Summary

It’s now essential for business success that every remote meeting maintains and builds morale and supports people who have been suddenly isolated from their everyday working experience. Harnessing the actors’ secret performance skills we teach you the skills to create an instant positive impact with “on camera” remote working situations. You’ll discover simple, replicable skills that enable you to instantly project confidence and positivity, feel more empowered in any remote meeting.

Delivered virtually with remote coaching and expert support the programme includes:


Who is it for?

Designed for anyone responsible for engaging with clients, stakeholders, teams or managers in a remote situation either internally or externally including:

  • Sales and Business Development
  • Account Management
  • Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Managers and Leaders

What will I learn?

Participants will be able to:

  • Project self-assurance and confidence to all levels in the business
  • Project positivity and drive - even on a bad day
  • Communicate more easily with others in remote working situations
  • Project confidence to all levels in the business
  • Consciously control and adapt body language to make a memorable impression
  • Radiate confidence and authority in all remote interactions
  • Take control of your professional image through simple behavioural changes
  • Leave a long lasting and positive remote impact
  • Appear natural, relaxed and at ease in front of any size audience
  • Use stillness to exude gravitas and project ease and control throughout a remote meeting
  • Appear confident and at ease under pressure or when delivering tough messages

What does it cover?

Virtual behaviour change with The Method provides you as a learner, with a unique ability to practise and embed new skills and behaviours in the workplace wherever that might be.

  • 60 minute practical webinar
  • 5-day Rehearsal APP
  • 30 minute 1-2-1 coaching session
  • Materials
  • Feedback and evaluation