Build Morale Through Virtual Meetings

Engender positive team spirit

It is NOW essential for effective business performance that every remote meeting maintains (at least) but ideally builds team morale and supports people who have suddenly been isolated from their everyday working environment. This virtual programme provides secret skills and tools that enable participants to strengthen morale amongst colleagues and engender a positive team spirit in any “camera on” remote meeting.

Price: £250.00 (+ VAT) per head minimum of 10 people - volume discounts available Delivered: Virtual Programme 

Programme Summary

We used to think a successful meeting would get people to agree to take action and/or to make a decision. Now, they need to be about BOTH those successful meeting outcomes but also about maintaining a sense of “connection” to the team and about building a strong morale and passionate sense of purpose… even if people are more isolated from each other than before.  Learn the creative strategies to structure, prepare and lead effective, constructive AND fun remote meetings that ensures everyone CONSISTENTLY engages, energises and contributes in a positive and open environment… without it feeling inauthentic or pushy… to cultivate strong remote business relationships and networks.

Delivered virtually with remote coaching and expert support the programme includes:

Who is it for?

Designed for anyone responsible for managing, leading, inspiring people within your business

What will I learn?

Participants will be able to:

  • Prepare to lead an engaging remote meeting 
  • Confidently brief participants on the content, roles, rules and purpose of the meeting 
  • Manage time flexibly, giving more time to particular agenda items, if necessary, whilst ensuring key objectives are met and participants are kept informed of changes in the agenda
  • Develop a strategy to prevent dominant personalities from taking over
  • Encourage all participants to make clear, concise and constructive contributions from their perspectives, whilst acknowledging and building on the contributions of other participants.
  • Confidently listen, ask pertinent questions, clarify points and rephrase others’ statements to check mutual understanding.
  • Stay in control of the meeting or agenda 
  • Ensure everyone present shows respect for the views and actions of others 
  • Timetable yourself to send out minutes post meeting
  • Provide clear opportunities for specific questions and respond appropriately 
  • Convert remote working relationships into strong human relationships
  • Understand the philosophy and techniques of successful remote meetings 

What does it cover?

Virtual behaviour change with The Method provides you as a learner, with a unique ability to practise and embed new skills and behaviours in the workplace wherever that might be.

  • 60 minute practical webinar
  • 3-day Rehearsal APP
  • 30 minute 1-2-1 coaching session
  • Materials
  • Feedback and evaluation