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Delivering the best version of yourself in every interaction is a the key to unlocking your full professional potential. This dynamic two-day programme will provide practical skills to empower you to be the most impactful version of your self in every interaction.


  • Increase personal confidence in challenging situations and project gravitas to all levels of the business
  • Build better relationships and maintain control in challenging work situations
  • Communicate clearly and powerfully to individuals and small groups
  • Project credible, memorable business impact
  • Make any spoken message interesting and engaging
  • Make a lasting, positive impact when communicating up and down the business


  • Day 1 Be the best you both professionally and personally

“We know it is essential to ensure that we connect effectively with colleagues, peers and patients – yet sometimes how we communicate can be overlooked. The Method is great - it offers incredibly valuable tools that can be practically applied to make a real difference to the way messages are delivered – and I continue to put the learning into practise every time I give a talk. I thoroughly recommend them and think that what they have to offer plays a vital role in the professional development of health care professionals”

- Dr Karl Gaffney, Consultant Rheumatologist, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital


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