Leadership and Management Training Courses

Leadership and Management Training Courses

No one else delivers leadership and management training quite like The Method.

We are leading experts in immediate and lasting behaviour change for business leaders and senior managers and an altogether different kind of training & development company.

We are leading experts in behaviour change

We use techniques drawn from the world of theatre to improve performance through observable behaviour change. We transform behaviour. With instant, observable results. We work with leading businesses internationally to help their leadership and management understand and control the way they present themselves to the world, with maximum effect. There are 6 performance areas to choose from – each of which has a range of modules that can be combined or taken individually to tackle your behavioural change needs whatever your role.

We create exciting, experiential learning environments that empower leaders and managers to safely explore their potential. Whatever your leadership style is or where ever you are in your personal leadership development our behaviour change programmes can help. From C-Suite and director level through to line management roles everyone leaves with a tangible plan of action – so the impact is measurable, quantifiable and long lasting.


Like it or not, every one of us gets judged on our behaviour. For better or worse, we’re always making an impression. In today’s business world all of us NEED to authentically engage, inspire, motivate and influence multiple stakeholders at multiple levels. 

Behaviour change may be easy to say but often very difficult to deliver sustainably. That’s why we are the only training company who guarantees to change people’s personal business behaviour.

The Method is based on the ingenious process used by actors to build authentic roles and deliver outstanding performances. For the first time ever, this transformational approach has been developed into a training system helping professionals at every level to take control of their behaviours, and consistently deliver top performance in their role. 

Investing in this level of performance management skills training will dramatically transform how your managers and leaders present themselves, communicate and are seen by others.



Our unique modular training system is highly flexible and creates Star Performers across six core performance areas.

6 Performance Areas to Choose from

Learn simple, revelatory skills to present a positive image of personal excellence and leadership, charisma and confidence. Build trust and better business relationships, increase your powers of persuasion and communicate with more conviction and charisma.

Learn more about our ‘Impact & Confidence’ offer.

Discover how to create and deliver presentations that always engage, persuade, inspire and convince and create. Deliver exceptional presentations and pitches that maximise engagement, are memorable and deliver better results – every single time.

Learn more about our ‘Present & Inspire’ offer.

Learn how to harness the power of values and translate them from intangible qualities to behaviours that drive success. Unlock organisational and personal values to develop exceptional personal brands that will drive success in any role.

Learn more about our ‘Values & Personal Brand’ offer.

Understand how to build resilience to manage and cope with challenging workplace situations and master a range of tools to help you perform more successfully in even the most difficult and demanding work situations.

Learn more about our ‘Resilience & Grit’ offer.

Develop better and more effective business relationships with practical performance skills designed to increase your powers of persuasion. Learn how to build trust and sustain strong, productive working relationships with stakeholders, colleagues, teams and clients.

Learn more about our ‘Influence & Flex’ offer.

Develop communication skills and best practice sales techniques to delight and engage your customers, win and retain more business and effortlessly manage any issues along the way.

Learn more about our ‘Sales & Service’ offer.


We are leading experts in immediate & lasting behaviour change

Our founders worked for 25 years with actors, writers and directors in professional theatre and film and understand how the world famous ‘actors’ method’ can be used as a powerful behaviour change tool.

We transform behaviour with instant, observable and sustained results.

Our unique behaviour change method includes a unique 4 stage learning platform for business professionals to consciously take control of their personal behaviours and deliver the best authentic version of themselves in every interaction.

We deliver interactive, experiential learning

We create exciting, experiential learning environments that empower people to safely explore potential, using a variety of flexible learning formats that maximise learning.

We boost training ROI thanks to immersive learning

Our immersive learning approach sets us apart from traditional training providers. We provide opportunity to rehearse, practice and test new behaviours in real time under the normal pressures of a working day. It’s a proven process that builds confidence, capability and embeds change and enables those learnings to be applied sustainably in real-life situations.

We achieve measurable results

We teach observable behaviour change, so it’s easy to see and experience the transformation we deliver in individual daily communications.

We offer flexible modular training programmes

We work collaboratively with you to design development programmes, leading to ‘Star Performers’ in business roles rather than dramatic roles. All our modules standalone or our programmes can be tailored to meet your needs.



Our coaches are uniquely qualified to deliver our content. They are exceptional at developing confidence and capability in the room, at building rapport and ensuring each individual leaves with new skills and the ability to instantly change their behaviour and deliver impactful results with groups of 1, 10, 25 or 500!


Really enjoyable course, the positive confirmation that it’s OK to push the boundaries is really useful

- Adam Burton, Online Programme Manager, Sainsbury's

The results spoke for themselves. Increased lead taking, better representation of our brand and service values and a tool kit of skills that those trained are now actively using in many other areas of their work.

- Brant Eckert, Senior Marketing Manager, Christie Digital

They loved it, found it really useful and put it into practice straight away. Really boosted the confidence. I have seen the difference in the team.

- Nina Garner, Learning & Development Specialist, iCrossing

The Method’s powerful, transformational training approach has been adopted by organisations from around the world.


Where are The Method management training courses available?

We work with organisations internationally, delivering our behavioural change programmes in-house.

What’s the duration of the management and leadership training?

We use a variety a flexible and unique learning platforms. We work with you to design and develop learning solution from half-day bite session workshops to fully blended learning programmes that utilise digital platforms to deliver creative learning that sustains change.

Who should attend your leadership training?

We work with all levels of managers and leaders from rising talent, first-line managers, senior leaders through to c-level execs. Our unique behaviour change learning system equips professionals at every level with the practical tools to take control of their behaviours, and consistently deliver top performance whatever their role.

What’s the ideal group size for immersive management training?

We can develop in any group size from 1-2-1 with our executive coaching, up to 10 for behaviour change programmes, 10 – 30 bite-size workshops and 30 – 1000 for conference energisers.

Are you a management and leadership training company?

Not specifically, we specialise in behaviour change at all levels. We work extensively with leaders and managers globally helping them understand how they can project charisma and presence, engage and inspire their teams, communicate with confidence and credibility and create lasting and sustainable behaviour change.



The best way to really understand the power of The Method is to experience it. We run regular FREE taster sessions across the UK and online via our Live Stream Webinars, and would love for you to join us and see us in action.

Our free taster sessions provide live insight into a unique training approach that guarantees to improve performance and results across all areas of professional communication and engagement. They are specifically designed for HR and L&D professionals and anyone responsible for training and development. Our sessions are open to a maximum of 2 people per organisation.


Use the contact form below to send us the modules/performance areas you are interested in. Simply complete your details and we’ll give you a call to discuss your needs, alternatively just call us directly on 020 7575 3164.