Why our Women In Business Programmes are Women-Only

Clue: safe space for women in business

Our Women In Business programmes are some of our most popular. There are a number of reasons for this, particularly with topics such as the Gender Pay Gap high on the political agenda. However, whilst it’s great that they are seen as helping deal with political issues, we’re much more interested in how they help you as a company and the women that take part.

To help you understand why they are women only, let’s hand you over to one of our most experienced trainers: Maria.  Here are two videos that explain why…

In the first Maria talks about why they are women-only.

Our women in business programmes don’t just focus on resilience

We look at the whole person and equip each of our participants with a holistic range of behaviours and skills. Resilience is an important part but we also look at how you can communicate effectively. For example, how to influence different personality types, how to communicate a vision or how to present with charisma. We also look at what kind of legacy you want to create and how to authentically embody that legacy.

Our three-day women in business programme covers all the different Method Performance Areas.  It delivers a complete behaviour transformation and allows women in business to go back to their roles being able to tackle challenges effectively and feeling ready to thrive.

The second video talks about why Learning and Development departments want them to be women-only.


When it comes to women in business programmes why do L & D departments want a women-only environment? Quite simply women really benefit from a safe, women-only environment where they can share their experiences openly.

The one consistent piece of feedback Maria gets when running our women in business programmes is participants appreciate the time and space dedicated to their own unique business experience. And they cherish the opportunity to share experiences and establish a support network with other participants.

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