Unlock The Secret of Charisma

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"To Change One’s Life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions."
William James

Most of us think charisma is a magical quality some people are lucky enough to be born with. Actors know it is something that can be consciously developed and acquired. This module unlocks the secret of personal charisma, and reveals the unique techniques performers use to translate this intangible quality into something observable and replicable. Designed to stretch participants’ capabilities and encourage them to rise to the challenge of releasing their full charismatic potential.

    This module:
  • Half-day
  • 1-50
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Participants will be able to:

  • Unlock the secret of personal charisma
  • Translate the intangible concept of charisma into observable behaviours
  • Realise your potential as a powerful and effective communicator
  • Feel more empowered, confident and in control – even when under pressure
  • Be more memorable – hold peoples’ attention and make them listen to you when you are speaking
  • Energise your environment – generate energy and presence that people are drawn to & want to engage with

The method is innovative, practical and transformational - the programmes make a genuine difference to our people. If you want to invest in training that delivers tangible results, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

- Mairead Minto, Learning Specialist


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