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"Words are all we have."
Samuel Beckett

This module reveals techniques used by the world’s most memorable and inspirational communicators to build and articulate a compelling vision that will motivate others and get increased commitment to ideas.

Participants work with their own material to transform even the most “dry” or difficult message into an exciting and meaningful vision that engenders enthusiasm and inspires others to buy-in to their ideas.

    This module:
  • Half Day
  • 1-50
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Participants will be able to:

  • Personalise and humanise your message so people can relate to it easily
  • Create and deliver messages that are more inspiring, exciting and emotionally engaging
  • Harness the power of language to make any message sound passionate and full of conviction
  • Make key messages memorable so people can remember and share them easily
  • Increase buy-in to your ideas
  • Persuade, influence and convince people to listen to ideas and concepts

Today was great. The enthusiasm and conviction of The Method was amazing. The lessons we took from the training are career changing. I loved it. It was exceptional.

- Delegate, London Borough of Barnet


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