Handle difficult objections

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"The man who is not dead still has a chance."
Lebanese Proverb

This module enables you to confidently tackle new or difficult customer objections and to stay credible, even if you don’t know the answer, or the answer is not what a customer wants to hear. Respond with confidence and guide customers through a structure that keeps you in control and maintains their trust.

    This module:
  • Half-Day
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Participants will be able to:

  • Plan aand prepare for a range of difficult objections
  • Discover a conversational structure to tackle difficult objections
  • Develop an atmosphere of mutual trust
  • Apply advanced questioning techniques to probe customer objections further
  • Overcome customers’ objections sensitively and constructively
  • Increase resilience under pressure
  • Sound and look confident and in control, even when you don’t know how to respondd

I enjoyed every part of this course.  It is entirely different to anything I have been on before but was also one of the best/most effective sales courses I have been on and I will take lots from it.

- Delegate, Zurich


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