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"There is no such thing as reality. There is only perception."
Gustave Flaubert

Everyone you sell to or engage with… Prospects, Clients, Customers and/or Partners all judge sales people instantly. This module increases your awareness of how from the moment you enter a sales situation you can consciously project a fantastic professional image that exudes confidence and helps you control your performance.

This module is unique because it delivers the same sales behaviours but applies them differently to 4 specific industry roles - understand how to instantly project exceptional sales impact as:
• The trusted advisor
• The customer service professional
• The exhibition representative
• The telephone salesperson

    This module:
  • Half Day
  • 1 - 50
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Participants will be able to:

  • Engender confidence, trust and credibility when communicating any business message
  • Embody the behaviours of “trust” and leave a positive professional impact in every interaction
  • Initiate strong, open eye contact to establish honest & open rapport
  • Build positive, lasting relationships
  • Project empathy and care when questioning clients
  • Project enthusiasm and confidence when delivering key messages

“The results spoke for themselves. Increased lead taking, better representation of our brand and service values and a tool kit of skills that those trained are now actively using in many other areas of their work.”

- Brant Eckert, Senior Marketing Manager, Christie Digital


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