Test new techniques, evidence the impact, measure the results...The Rehearsal App

More than just a nudge – An innovative way to embed new behaviours using interactive mobile technology.

We deliver interactive, real-time challenges to your smartphone that integrate with your working day embed the learning delivered on our programmes.



A powerful way to safely practice and embed new behaviours in the work environment

An actor would never, ever try to perform without first rehearsing. Our new Interactive APP provides your learners with a unique ability to practice and embed new skills and behaviours beyond the training room.

The Method APP delivers interactive, real-time challenges to your smartphone that you can easily integrate with your working day and help you embed the learning delivered in our programmes.

It’s much more than just a gentle nudge to use what you’ve learned in our programmes, it’s:

  • A unique way to embed new learning behaviours
  • Delivered remotely via your mobile
  • Happens while you’re at work – no need to stop what you’re doing

You’ll be able to easily test new techniques, evidence the impact and measure the results.


fits seamlessly into the 4-stage immersive method

The Method Interactive APP has been designed based on extensive client feedback to fit seamlessly into The 4-Stage Immersive Method programmes and is delivered remotely post initial training.

We also offer an option to take part in Immersive Role Play, live calls and webinars delivered by professional performers that stimulate real-world conversations and dilemas.


sample immersive programme structure

sample structure - immersive programme

really easy to use and fits in with your day



positive feedback from participants

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