How we do it

We transform behaviour. With instant, observable results.

We work with leading businesses to help their people understand and control the way they present themselves to the world, with maximum effect. Our modules are delivered using our unique 4-stage version of the actor’s behaviour change process.

Unique 4-stage behaviour change process

  • 1 Decide

    First we focus on defining the precise business outcome you want to achieve in the work contexts that are specific to you to your business – especially new or difficult situations.

  • 2 Transform

    Secondly we work with you to acquire new behaviours through a diverse toolbox of practical theatre skills and business techniques that will empower you to perform more successfully. Through expert coaching and practise, we make those behaviour changes feel authentic and instinctive.

  • 3 Rehearse

    Then we apply tools beyond the training room to encourage practical application and the embedding of new behaviours

  • 4 Perform

    Finally, after our training sessions, our action plans and support groups provide structured processes for applying and embedding the star performer behaviours in real live work situations to real work situations - from the very next day.


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