How we do it

We transform behaviour. With instant, observable results.

We work with leading businesses to help their people understand and control the way they present themselves to the world, with maximum effect. Our modules are delivered using our unique 4-stage version of the actor’s behaviour change process delivered through virtual and live learning including our exclusive Rehearsal APP, interactive virtual workshops, event energisers, group and 1-2-1 coaching delivered remotely.

Unique 4-stage behaviour change process

  • 1 Decide

    A unique and engaging process defines star performance, driving and motivating learners to be the best they can be.

  • 2 Transform

    The actors secret process for fast, emphatic & authentic behaviour change. Interactive, experiential learning provides practical skills and tools to embody exceptional performance in any role. Virtual and live sessions for 1 - 1000

  • 3 Rehearse

    No-one else has the tools we use to enable real-time testing and embedding of new behaviours. Discover how "Rehearsal" techniques elevate training into transformation. Delivered using Interactive real-time Challenges delivered via our exclusive APP, Immersive simulations and remote coaching & support

  • 4 Perform

    Our Action Plans support participants to apply observable behaviour change from the moment they return to work - so you can measure performance improvement every time. Measurable Action Plans and Delegate Buddies ensure your teams deliver Star Performance

"This session has been extremely engaging and informative. I am inspired by the feedback I received and motivated to take some of these new behaviours into the workplace."

- Fiona Amat, KYC learning Programme Manager, JP Morgan

" The session was lively, well organised and delivered on its objectives. Pia was a fantastic facilitator who engaged us from start to finish! It was interactive, interesting and there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions, discuss and practice."

- Debbie Harris, Project Manager, JP Morgan


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