Executive Coaching – Presentation Impact

Like it or not, each and every one of us gets judged on our behaviour

The way we act, the things we say, the stuff we do – for better or worse, we’re always making an impression on those around us.

Our coaching programmes offer a simple yet revelatory process that equips individuals with the skills and techniques to consistently deliver engaging and impactful presentations, making your key message memorable and gaining buy-in to your ideas. Developing the skills of the most powerful presenters you can generate presence, gravitas and confidence.

How does it work?

Programmes are tailored to the individual’s specific needs following a 30-minute phone consultation with one of our expert coaches.  Each coaching session lasts for 3 hours and can be structured around specific events or activities. We recommend a minimum of 2 x sessions – but this is subject to a consultation.


What does it tackle?

Example outcomes include:

  • Make people really listen - easily establish open and engaged relationships with any audience and make people receptive to your message
  • Structural techniques – clear and simple tools to structure arguments and messages so they are coherent and impactful
  • Speak like a leader and use expert vocal techniques to deliver messages with confidence and gravitas
  • Engage the imagination – creative formats to make your audience sit up and listen, activate their imagination & hold their attention throughout
  • Harness the power of language – make key messages stand out and leave a lasting impression
  • Less is more – clear, concise and clever messaging
  • Develop stage presence – learn the techniques great performers use to generate sensational on-stage energy and presence
  • Stillness and silence - learn the art of supreme control to appear confident and at ease under pressure or when delivering tough messages
  • Motivate and inspire – use presentations to affect energy, drive and desire. Become the leader you aspire to be
  • Deliver difficult messages – not everyone is going to like everything you say all the time. Learn to deliver tough messages
  • Unlock the secret skills of charisma - learn the techniques great presenters use to mesmerise an audience and generate sensational energy in your presentation

Who is it for?

  • Chief Executive Officers & Managing Directors
  • Senior Directors
  • Senior Managers

“When you get to my level of seniority and experience there are very few programmes that have a significant impact – but this was revelatory.”

- FTSE 250 Board Executive

Programme Structure

The programmes are all tailored to an individual’s specific needs, but a typical programme consists of:

  • An initial telephone consultation, normally around 30 minutes long, to identify needs
  • Two half-day sessions, normally 2-4 weeks apart, so learning can be applied
  • Follow-up coaching over the phone to re-enforce the learning.


If you want to know more about how our Executive Coaching can help you, get in touch and we’ll help you understand more.