Training Focus: Pitch & Present With Impact

Through a recent learning and development initiative, iCrossing had identified ‘Pitching Stars’ within their team that they would like to develop.

The aim of the programme was to provide practical skills that will release their potential as powerful communicators, and enable the participants to consistently present with confidence and control.


Session Outcomes

  • Command the room, present with impact, and keep the audience attention throughout
  • Maintain audience energy in all presentations, injecting energy and passion into their presentations
  • Use voice tone, pace, and volume to emphasise key points and maintain the audience’s interest
  • Bring key messages to life – make it easier for audiences to listen to you and remember what you say

Participant Feedback

100% – Participants felt the course delivered on its objectives

100% – The instructor facilitated classroom discussions effectively

100% – The instructor listened to participants carefully

95% – Would recommend the course to a colleague


45% – Increase in behavioural change post-session with regards to speaking confidently and convincingly to any size audience

They loved it, found it really useful and put it into practice straight away. Really boosted the confidence. I have seen the difference in the team.

- Nina Garner, Learning & Development Specialist, iCrossing


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