Bibby Financial

Training Focus: Communicating With Impact

Bibby Financial were exploring learning and development solutions to support their Senior Analysts in the development of their brand across the business

They are often managing multiple projects and are communicating with stakeholders at all levels across the business. A key aim is to focus the team on technical developments rather than the business opportunities they create and support.


Session Outcomes

  • Professional and personal impact when engaging stakeholders
  • Ability to instantly create rapport with stakeholders to develop strong and internal partnerships
  • Understanding of different communication types
  • Skill at structuring a message to sell a business vision or project goal

Participant Feedback

100% – Participants had positive feedback on the instructors delivery of the course

100% – Positive feedback on delivery of the course against its objectives

100% – Positive feedback when asked if participants would recommend to a colleague


44%The participants average perception of improvement across the programme

Really helped me understand my style and how it is perceived whilst giving lots of practical tools to improve.

- Steve Peters, Senior Business Analyst


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