Women In Business – Major US Bank

Empowering talent within the female workforce

When a major American bank asked us to help them achieve their goal of injecting more gender diversity into the senior levels of their business, we put our thinking caps on straight away.

The issue

Women make up 50% of their global workforce, but this drops to 45% within senior levels. They have recognised the imbalance at the top and are looking to rebalance this within the strategic goals of business transformation and growth.

What we Did

A three-session programme over three days was delivered to five cohorts of 10 people.  The programme – Woman At Work – aimed to:

  • Inject gravitas, influence and presence into the female talent within the bank
  • Help them more effectively demonstrate their capabilities across the business
  • Increase confidence and conviction levels
  • Improve abilities to influence people through flexible communication styles


As with all our work, this programme uses techniques drawn from the world of theatre to deliver behaviour change.


The Results

Women In Business case study performance graph72% of participants rated themselves as Strong or Very Strong across all competencies by the end of the programme.

The 2 areas in which the participants demonstrated the highest level of development across the programme moving them from ‘unconfident’ (2) to ‘strong’ (4) are key to ‘gravitas’, ‘presence’ and influence:

  • Communicating a message or point of view with confidence and conviction
  • Instantly flexing communication style to influence others more effectively


Overall, a 39.6% improvement across 6 key statements:


  1. I can authentically adapt my behaviours to project the best version of me in my role
  2. I can always communicate a message or point of view with confidence and conviction
  3. I know how to consistently proiect control, composure and gravitas under pressure
  4. I can instantly flex my communication style to influence others more effectively
  5. I have a process to prepare for difficult situations, so I can be calm and confident under pressure
  6. I am confident engaging in difficult conversations with people who have strong personalities