Helping nurture Rising Talent across a whole Business

The Issue

Sainsbury's has a history of developing talent from within the business, helping them rise through the business to senior levels. They were looking to upskill those who demonstrated their commitment to the company and have the potential to rise through the company, taking their position much further. Sainsbury's wanted a programme that would:

  • Increase charisma and impact for their team in all situations.
  • Help people embody the role of a leader.
  • Support their teams upward career development.

What we did

Over 12 weeks we delivered two programmes, with three sessions, to support and embed these goals in unique ways. Through two interactive face to face sessions and one 30-45-minute remote coaching call to provide individual support and coaching, we helped Sainsbury's Rising Talent transform and rehearse to become to best version of themselves.

The two programmes focused on:

Module 1: Maximising Your Personal Impact

  • Projecting confidence, authority and positivity.
  • Speaking with conviction and impact.
  • Unlocking the secret skills of charisma.
  • Developing the skills to create instant trust and rapport.

 Module 2: Lead with Impact and Influence

  • Creating a powerful leadership legacy.
  • Delivering exceptional performance as a leader.
  • Engaging any audience, whether that’s a customer of a potential supplier/client.
  • Speaking like a leader.
  • Selling the vision of Sainsbury's everyday.

The Results

graph of the performance results from our Rising Talent programme for Sainsburys

We took inspiring talent across the business, bringing them together and devoting attention to them as individuals. We helped give them the opportunity to self-nurture through our fun, effective and interactive workshops.

Challenging people by drawing them out of their comfort zone, we helped to enhance their confidence in themselves and the work; coaching skills and techniques that help them utilise the intricacies of body language and speech for presenting and conversing. Helping them embody their potential to work in many different situations.

We helped take those people in the business who already shine in the chorus and deliver the final glittering ingredients to make them stars; sending them along the yellow brick road to reach their potential.


Participants Comments

  • “A brilliant opportunity to focus on myself and challenge how I am and consider how I can grow to improve myself!" Ruth Cranston, Senior Direct Marketing Manager
  • “We were all pushed out of our comfort zones, but it felt safe to do so” Laura Johnson, Senior Estates Manager
  • “Incredibly useful session. Content flow allowed key thinking time and lots of ‘lightbulb’ moments to bring to life in real world scenarios. Enjoyed there was no Power Point!” Staurt Priest, Store Manager
  • “Definitely feel more confident!" Victoria Durman, Head of Financial Communications
  • “Very impactful and very easily applicable to many scenarios.” Nikki Ingham, Senior Digital Planning Manager
  • “Really enjoyed the practical nature. It brought it to life in a fun and engaging way!" Stuart Monk, Senior Manager – Digital Strategic Initiatives