Have Fantastic Impact in Virtual Meetings – Pharmaceutical

Confident and impactful communication in virtual meetings with clients and external stakeholders

The Issue

A leading pharmaceutical company were looking for ways they could support their UK field sales team of 150 to communicate with impact and presence in virtual meetings.

As with many businesses the last 6 months has created a huge shift in how they communicated with clients and external stakeholders. They wanted to provide their teams practical learning to empower them to adjust their communication style when meeting virtually to confidently communicate with impact and presence.

Their key objectives were:

  • to provide practical techniques that could be immediately applied to the workplace
  • to embed these techniques, support the team and sustain change
  • to create a dynamic and fun learning experience that motivated the team

What we did

We tailored our powerful virtual behaviour change programme 'Fantastic Impact in Virtual Meetings', to meet their specific learning outcomes, calendar and technology requirements. We had 4 key touch points to deliver and embed our transformational process, working with smaller groups the programme was delivered 100% remotely with expert support throughout the delivery across June and July to 150 people. The programme included the following:

Have Fantastic Impact in Virtual Meetings

Learning Workshop

  • Interactive Virtual Workshop - 90 minutes
  • Pre-programme learning contract
  • Practical coaching and action plans

5 Day Rehearsal Challenge

  • Delivered via Email or our Interactive App
  • Interactive challenges based on techniques learnt
  • Designed to nudge and encourage the participants to apply new behaviours and skills developed

Group Coaching & Rehearsal

  • Remotely delivered 90 minute coaching
  • Expert feedback
  • Designed to build confidence, support and embed skills further
  • Offers essential feedback and encouragement

Managers Briefing

  • Provides support, guidance and collateral's to the line managers to empower them to coach their people to success

The Results

The participants average perception of improvement across the programme was 83%

Bristol-Myers-Squibb-casestudy-participants feedback

We had fantastic feedback from the participants with an amazing overall perception of improvement across the programme of a whopping 83%!

We challenged participants to step out of their comfort zones and focus on projecting self-assurance and confidence at all levels. We coached them on how to consciously control and adapt their body language to make memorable impressions. They loved the tips and techniques on how they can easily project positivity and drive even on a tough day.  The group were also amazed at how easy this could be achieved in a natural, authentic and relaxed way.

We were really pleased that the participants found the style a really refreshing and engaging option as an alternative approach to the traditional style in the pharma industry.


of participants agreed that The Method unique ‘theatre skills’ approach provides an energising and impactful learning experience


Participants Comments

Bristol-Myers-Squibb Feedback

“He pushed us to become even better...! Making you think about how impactful and natural at the same time, you can be..” 


“Fun valuable and skill enhancing’’ 


“Thoroughly enjoyed the session and have learnt a lot. Definitely will be putting the learnings into practice.”