Personal Impact for Rabobank

When Rabobank asked us to help Senior IT Managers achieve their goal of increasing employee satisfaction and improving their ability to interact with team members, we developed a programme which significantly improved employees perception of the management team and transformed the divisions performance.


Rabobank came to us to help their Senior IT Managers interact better with their team, increase employee satisfaction scores and help managers tackle difficult situations.


We delivered a fully tailored three-session programme over three days, design to develop skills and embed behaviour change.  The programme was made up of:

The Rabobank Leadership programme

As with all our work, this programme uses techniques drawn from the world of theatre to deliver behaviour change.


The results achieved during the Rabobank leadership programme

  • Participants improved across all five performance competencies, with participants rating themselves as Strong or Very Strong across 4 out of 5 competencies by the end of the programme.
  • Employee survey showed that perception of management team that took part increased significantly.
  • They went from lowest performing team to second highest in their division.

Participant comments:

  • "Energetic, different in approach and content. Also great to be in a different setting with colleagues."
  • "It gave me a framework for components which could help me to be a better communicator."