Google Retail – Delivering an engaging Google in-store experience

Delivering an engaging Google in-store experience

When Google asked us to help them achieve their goal of creating an engaging in-store experience to demonstrate their products,  whilst embodying their brand, we built a program to empower their employees.

The challenge

Google gave us the mission to help them create an engaging in-store experience. One where they demonstrate products and guide customers to the right products without overselling. All whilst embodying their brand (Googly-ness) in every interaction.

What we did

A bespoke immersive programme designed to build skills, drive instant application, business benefit and embed behaviour change.

The programme ran over three days, with two modules being taught and then put into practice.

The programme aimed to:

  • Embody the brand in every interaction (Googly-ness)
  • Create an engaging in-store experience by projecting confidence, positivity and authority
  • Guide customers towards the right products
  • Selling without selling
  • Get green light from Mountain View executives
  • Pass 1st mystery shop

As with all our work, this programme uses techniques drawn from the world of theatre to deliver behaviour change.


The Results

  • Participants improved across all five performance competences, with participants rating themselves as Strong or Very Strong across all competencies by the end of the programme
  • 100% of participants passed their first Mystery shop within three months
  • 100% passed the Mountain View test

Participant comments:

  • “Amazing. Never thought I could learn so much in three days! I have not only learnt sales techniques, but more about myself and how to deal with my insecurities. Inspiring and mind blowing.”
  • “Very grateful for an amazing two days and now I have skills that I can practice in my everyday life. Great confidence booster. This was awesome! Overall my confidence has improved on how to get my point across to groups of people. Just great"
  • “Usually I disliked courses of this kind having had a couple of similar course that I have been to in the past. However, by the second hour of the course I realised this course was different from other course. I have learnt about group presentations and feel more confident and Googley”
  • “The experience was so fantastic. Ian and Sarah are geniuses. Really helped me to step out of my comfort zone. Loved it! I will take the skills I learnt in this course with me for life!”