Case studies

Just a few of the clients we've worked with...

And the results we’ve delivered for them.

Everyone likes to have well-known companies on their website. It adds kudos (if they trust them, you can too…). Whilst we have a good number of companies you will recognise, it’s the results we’ve delivered for them that really matter.  Here are a number of case studies, designed to help you understand:

  1. the learning need
  2. what we did for them
  3. the results achieved

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    Grayling – exceptional personal impact and presence

    When Grayling asked us to empower their client facing teams to project exceptional personal impact and presence in all their communications we knew exactly how to help them.

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    Sainsbury’s has a history of developing talent from within the business, helping them rise through the business to senior levels. We helped Sainsbury’s Rising Talent transform and rehearse to become the best version of themselves.

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    Trinity Mirror

    When Trinity Mirror’s sales team asked us to help them achieve their goal of giving more confident and inspiring pitches to clients, we empowered them to be comfortable no matter the audience.

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    Personal Impact for Rabobank

    When Rabobank asked us to help Senior IT Managers achieve their goal of increasing employee satisfaction and improving their ability to interact with team members, we developed a programme which significantly improved employees perception of the management team and transformed the divisions performance.

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    Google Retail – Delivering an engaging Google in-store experience

    When Google asked us to help them achieve their goal of creating an engaging in-store experience to demonstrate their products,  whilst embodying their brand, we built a programme to empower their employees.

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    Live The Values – Capital One

    Capital One wanted to increase how their teams related the values of the business to their individual roles. They wanted a fun and engaging experience that would ensure the learnings were remembered and transformed behaviour within the business.

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    Women In Business – Major US Bank

    When a major American bank asked us to help them achieve their goal of injecting more gender diversity into the senior levels of their business, we put our thinking caps on straight away.