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"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.."
Albert Einstein

This module equips participants with the skills to turn more engagements with delegates into high quality contacts and leads and/or close more on-stand sales.

Trade fairs and exhibitions are a major investment of time, money and effort and this module is ideal for exhibition organisers, or anyone who will be working at an exhibition or event stand, who is looking for a way to inspire representatives to take every opportunity that arises to maximise return from the next exhibition or event.

    This module:
  • Half Day
  • 1 - 50
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Participants will be able to:

  • Gain more commitment for sales or follow-up meetings after the event
  • Increase lead quality by qualifying/disqualifying potential leads efficiently
  • Be up to date with product literature, prices lists and how to sell at the event
  • Fully understand the stand layout & dynamics, and marketing collateral
  • Be more confident and bold when delivering your call to action and asking for contact details or a follow up meeting
  • Fully understand the data collection process / targets for the event
  • Use planned questions to open detailed conversation about their needs
  • Seek detailed information from customers using questioning techniques
  • Deliver key messages authentically and effortlessly in every conversation

“We know it is essential to ensure that we connect effectively with colleagues, peers and patients – yet sometimes how we communicate can be overlooked. The Method is great - it offers incredibly valuable tools that can be practically applied to make a real difference to the way messages are delivered – and I continue to put the learning into practise every time I give a talk. I thoroughly recommend them and think that what they have to offer plays a vital role in the professional development of health care professionals”

- Dr Karl Gaffney, Consultant Rheumatologist, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital


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